KOSGEB - Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization of Turkey


99.7% of the 3.5 million enterprises in Turkey operate as SMEs. With contribution of the entrepreneurs who bring dynamism to working life, the number of SMEs and their efficiency in the economy are increasing day by day. Since 1990, KOSGEB has been supporting the SMEs in the service and trade sector and has become a national representative in the SME ecosystem. Since 2009, it has also become a national representative within the SME ecosystem by providing support to SMEs operating in the service and trade sector. In addition, the organization has been carrying out studies to reach our country’s 2023 targets.

KOSGEB conducts its activities in order to increase the share and efficiency of SMEs in order to meet the economic and social needs of our country, to increase their competitiveness level and to ensure their integration into the industry. KOSGEB, with its 92 Directorates, 96 Representatives, 24 Technology Centers, 19 Business Development Centers and 8 laboratories in 81 cities, has an efficient structure that can reach all SMEs as well as many institutions and organizations.

Technology-based, domestic and national production is indispensable for Turkey’s independent and strong economic development. For this reason, KOSGEB carries out support programs within the scope of ‘Supporting the Domestic Production of the Products for Reducing the Current Account Deficit’, ‘The Spread of High Technology through Domestic and National SMEs’ and ‘The Support of Technological Entrepreneurship in High Technology Areas’.

In order to ensure the transition of SME’s to a high-tech and value-added manufacturing industry structure, KOSGEB has developed a support program within the framework of ‘Designing and Implementing a Regional, Sector-specific and Business-Specific Support Model’. ‘SME Guidance and Consultancy System’, developed by KOSGEB, continues to work on the guidance of SMEs. With the help of qualified and sustainable training and consultancy services, it will be possible to analyze the current situation of the enterprises and improve the effectiveness of the supports by developing their skills and capabilities. Competency Evaluation System, carry out studies within the framework of the ‘Measurement and Evaluation of Capabilities of SMEs’. With the support program to be implemented in the context of the ‘Creation of Mechanisms for the Access of SME’s to National and International Markets’, KOSGEB aims to take an active role in achieving the 500 billion dollar export target by providing more product sales in global trade.

Within the scope of ‘Increasing Cooperation between Enterprises and Providing Resource Efficiency’, enterprises can establish stronger structures; achieve mutual benefit and competitive advantage by working together. This cooperation culture will be one of the most valuable tools in the emergence of high value added products and services and achieving important economic results. KOSGEB provides convenience to all of its stakeholders through continuous improvement in the framework of the ‘Decreasing Bureaucracy in Services and Revision of the Support Programs’. Technology-based production increases costs and creates additional financial needs for businesses. The new financing model implemented within the context of ‘Ensuring SMEs' Access to Low Cost Financing’, would develop a new tool for enterprises to minimize costs.

Within the scope of the road map outlined above, KOSGEB provides support and services to SMEs and entrepreneurs. Taking into account the changing needs of the SME Ecosystem, the organization will continue to update the supports and services in accordance with the requirements of the day.