Product Safety Week


Preference and use of safe products by our citizens and their awareness about unsafe products has been an important matter in efficient functioning of market surveillance and inspection activities. For this reason, The Ministry of Industry and Technology organizes Product Safety Week each year to inform consumers and producers about the subject. Within the scope of this week, all segments of society are informed about the details of product safety by panels and meetings.

The efficiency of market surveillance and inspection is related with development of cooperation with the citizens. The awareness of the consumers about unsafe products in terms of disuse and denouncement of them contributes to market surveillance and inspection.

The Importance of Planning in Market Surveillance and Inspection

The efficiency of market surveillance and inspection activities is closely related with accurate and complete planning of the procedures. Therefore, after making annual inspection programs, authorities in market surveillance and inspection bodies have to prepare project plans in order to attain the objectives. Projects are examples of product focussed proactive approach, which involves planned procedures for selected products. The superiority of proactive inspection lies in studies carried out during the project in order to achieve outputs to find solutions for the problems arising from infrastructure, lack of knowledge and legislation.

Resource efficiency in market surveillance and inspection activities (human resources, financial resources, and time) means efficient use of public resources. Therefore, accurate planning ensures efficiency of inspection activities and helps to decrease number of unsafe products and to protect Turkish goods and brands by decreasing imports. Due to these reasons, accurate planning and identification of the priorities in a right way and control of the planned activities should be important duties of market surveillance and inspection activities.

Project for Inspection of Electric Cables
Electric cables are important industrial products in infrastructure of the buildings in electrical energy transmission and it is a significant component in electrical devices. This product group is prominent in risk assessment studies (fire, electric shock, drowning, and poisoning) so that inspection of electric cables is crucial in terms of protecting fair competition, energy saving and Turkish goods and brands.
The number of cable brands tested in 2018 June-July period is more than the number of brands tested in the last 4 years. This shows the comprehensiveness of this focussed activity. Within the context of the project, 62 brands were tested and during years of 2014, 2105, 2016 and 2017 51 brands were tested in total.


Inspection for Steam Boilers
Inconvenient steam boilers may cause explosion, fire and collapse in the buildings, which would lead to loss of life and property. In addition to that, inconvenient steam boilers bring on energy waste and unfair competition among producers.

There are two types of steam boilers used in industry, which is called as fire-tube boiler (EN 12953) and water tube boiler (EN 12952). Fire tube boilers are widely used in the market and the Ministry of Science and Technology have started an inspection project for steam boilers produced in EN 12953 standard.

Within the scope of this project, 22 inspectors from provincial directorates of Ankara, İstanbul, Bursa, Aydın, Manisa, Gaziantep, Samsun, İzmir, Konya, Kocaeli, Diyarbakır and Niğde participated in a technical training and made a study visit to a factory. The current situation of market surveillance and inspection activities regarding steam boilers were determined. Furthermore, producers, distributors and importer companies were informed about supply and demand in the market.

Energy Efficiency Approach in Market Surveillance and Inspection

Market surveillance and inspection activities have a great importance in terms of market regulation and consumer awareness in energy efficiency. In terms of energy efficiency, a proactive approach is required in market surveillance and inspection activities. The Ministry of Science and Technology have been carrying out project-based market surveillance and inspection activities for that purpose. In addition, the Ministry supports energy efficient products in the market. Energy efficiency is vital for environmental protection and lowering energy costs and external dependency. Within this context, countries and institutions have been carrying out strategic plans and actions for energy efficiency.

E- Inspection in Market Surveillance and Inspection: Energy Label Inspection Project

The Ministry of Science and Technology carry out inspections of e-trade websites and follow up audits continue during the year. The representatives of e-trade companies that have non-compliance report are informed about inspection results and actions needs to be taken are discussed. For 2019, energy labels are considered in annual inspection plan as well.

Due to the changes in consumption habits and increase in online shopping, some of the surveillance and inspection activities will take place in internet environment. For the efficiency of online inspections, legal infrastructure needs to be empowered. Some of the EU countries have started to develop software for inspection of internet sales. Our ministry follow up these programs and good practices would be adapted for e-inspection studies.



Digitalization in Inspection: Mobile Market Surveillance and Inspection Project
Information systems are crucial for market surveillance and inspection activities since they protect audited data in database structure, turn these data into information by reporting and contributes to efficient decision-making and policymaking. Information systems are developed as an alternative to classical methods of information storage and they are one of the best practices of digitalization with their fast and efficient knowledge management and update functions.

Digital world is growing day by day and institutions have to digitalize their practices and policies for efficient management of the processes and resource efficiency in terms of work and time. Digitalization of market surveillance and inspection activities would bring speed and efficiency in determination of unsafe and inconvenient products and prevention of the harm they would bring to people and the environment. The Ministry of Science and Technology have started Tablet PC Project to ease management functions of inspection activities and to make market surveillance more efficient.

The Importance of Tracking Systems in Product Safety and Elevator Monitoring System
The Ministry of Science and Technology have started a new project in 2018 with the purpose of effective monitoring and recording of elevators by integration of geographical information systems and elevator monitoring system.

The objectives of the project are as follows: Prevention of the use of unsafe elevators, inspection and control of unsafe elevators, identification of unregistered elevators, development of fast and effective information systems for the elevators, efficient control of A type inspection bodies, efficient periodic control and maintenance activities, follow-up of maintenance firms and formation of new inspection strategies for the regions where unsafe and inconvenient elevators are concentrated.

In addition, studies for identification of the elevators by square-coding system and integration of the data systems of related institutions for efficient data flow and reporting have started within the context of the project. The study for a new e-government application for search of the periodic control of elevators with their ID number is carried out by the Ministry of Science and Technology.