Productivity Week 2017


Opening Ceremony of Productivity Week 2017 and Productivity Project Awards Ceremony held in Ankara in 8th of May

Opening ceremony of Productivity Week 2017 and Productivity Project Awards Ceremony, which have been organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, were carried out in Ankara Green Park Hotel in 8th of May. Dr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Prof. Dr. Ersan Arslan, Undersecretary, Deputy Secretaries, Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep, managers and employees from the ministry, managers and representatives of public and private institutions, students and other guests attended the ceremony. After opening speeches of Minister Dr. Faruk Özlü and General Director of Productivity Anıl Yılmaz, the students were rewarded that have participated in ‘Productivity-Themed Idea and Short Film Competition’ and ‘Productivity Project Awards’ were given to successful projects.

‘’The projects of the students increased our hope for future’’

Minister Özlü started his speech by addressing the students and laid emphasis on the actions to be taken in science and technology for leadership of Turkey in the world. He thanked the students for their projects and congratulated them on their knowledge, energy and motivation to carry our country to future. He indicated that these projects have increased hope for future.

“More than 150 activities were carried out in Turkey”

Minister Özlü underlined that the importance of productivity concept was introduced to the agenda of all parties including primary schools, universities, industrial enterprises, tradesmen, public and private sector, non-governmental organizations and media organs. He said that ‘This union around productivity has been a good example for collective consciousness in terms of social and economic development. Productivity is crucial in all realms of life. Particularly in economic development productivity has been a significant factor. Yet, use of current resources in an efficient way can be considered as discovering new resources’. He indicated that economic growth can be sustainable if only it depends on productivity. He referred to more than 150 activities that have been carried out in Turkey with the purpose of raising and developing awareness in terms of productivity.

“Turkey will not be late for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

Minister Özlü mentioned the start of a new industrial revolution in our day and said that fourth industrial revolution brings opportunities of high-tech, cyber process and high optimization, which would mean economic growth, qualified employment, social stability, value creation, job security and more efficiency at the same time. He continued his speech as follows: ‘With this new industrial revolution, productivity would not be only in factories; it would cover all processes from product design to product use. This revolution is a phenomenon that would not only transform enterprises and institutions but also whole society, even balance of power in the world. Our ministry follows developments in artificial intelligence, robotics technologies, smart production systems and 3D printers closely. We carry on studies in terms of production and use of these technologies in Turkey. Digital Transformation in Industry Platform, which has been founded by the support of industrial sector and our Ministry, would draw roadmap for the steps to be taken towards fourth industrial revolution. In this instance, Turkey would not be late to catch up with fourth industrial revolution for sure, as it had been in previous ones.’

“Productivity Academy is going to be founded”

Productivity Academy, which would be responsible from coordination and accreditation of training and consultancy services for identification and solution of productivity problems, is going to be founded by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. A programme will be introduced for productivity growth in industrial enterprises that involve universities and organized industrial zones. First model factory, founded with Ankara Chamber of Industry will be opened this year. This implementation would provide industrialists applied training and consultancy services in areas of lean production, digital transformation, product development and quality in a specially designed factory environment.

“Productivity Reports will be given to firms”

Dr. Özlü spoke of the reports that would be given to the firms as an evaluation of their productivity. He stressed the importance of these reports for the firms in terms of developing their weaknesses and indicated that firms with successful reports would have priority in using government support and incentives. He gave information about Transformation of Inefficient Electric Motors Programs in which financial support is given to firms that renew their inefficient motors and said that the pilot study of the project was started in Kayseri and Bursa. He underlined the importance of the project in terms of productivity growth in industry and decrease of energy need and carbon dioxide emission.

“Industrial Symbiosis practises will increase”
Studies concerning cleaner production and green industry continue in the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and in this framework sector-specific guides for resource efficiency in cleaner production and web portal have been presented to users. In addition to this, Cleaner Production Centres where economic and ecological efficiency come together will be founded in the forthcoming period.

“Productivity movement needs to be started”
Minister Özlü stated that both public and private sector is in need of productivity growth and this would only be possible by a social movement in society in which all citizens are aware of productivity concept in their business life and daily life activities. In this respect, he emphasized the importance of the activities that have been carried out within the scope of productivity week and said that with presidential government system productivity in public sector would gain progress.


“Productivity week activities receive a great deal of attention”

General Director of Productivity Anıl Yılmaz said that productivity week activities that have been organized with the purpose of ‘increasing awareness in productivity growth in all spheres of life’ draw considerable interest and become widespread year after year. He mentioned that with the activities organized in 81 provinces there has been a search for productivity growth among all concerned parties. Within the scope of the week, successful projects for productivity growth carried out by public and private institutions have been awarded by Directorate General for Productivity. In addition to that, middle and high school students received their awards in productivity themed idea and short film contest. In the end of his speech Yılmaz stated that ‘we believe that our country can reach to the development level and can take the place that it deserves at global scale with productivity and performance focussed perspective that prioritizes excellence.

Productivity themed idea and short film contest
The awards of the students who have become successful in productivity themed idea and short film contest were given by Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology. This year middle school and high school students from all public and private schools throughout Turkey have taken part in competition. 147 ideas and 83 short films were evaluated and 6 ideas and 3 short films were awarded in productivity themed idea and short film contest.