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Product Safety

Market Surveillance Activities’ Function as an Economic Instrument is Becoming More Important


Developed countries are trying to evolve new methods in order to protect both their markets and citizens and one of the most effective methods is market surveillance.

As an economic tool market surveillance helps forming a fair market and promoting the credibility and brand image of Turkish products in the world market. 

Market surveillance is an important tool because it not only makes domestic products safer but also protects the consumers from the consumption of unsafe imported goods. 
Product safety is an issue that has to be taken care of by all the actors related to it namely the authorized institutes, producers and consumers. Administrative measures taken based on the inspections performed in the market are directly affecting both the producers and consumers. In this context both parties are responsible for a number of duties. Producers have to supply goods that comply with the minimum safety conditions requested for the human, animal, plant life and health and also help increase the level of compliance of all products. Consumers on the other hand are the most important helpers of the authorized inspection bodies. It is extremely important that the consumers check the compliance documents and labels of the goods, not purchase goods that don’t have the documents and let the authorized institutions know about the related products. A consumption pattern like this will force the producers change their attitudes towards the production of goods that comply with the regulations.        

At this point, considering product safety as just the auditing mechanism of market would be a lacking and wrong point of view. In order to have a more effective market surveillance system it is inevitable to take the inspections all together with the pre-inspection and post-inspection periods and build up policies and strategies accordingly.

The strategic target of our ministry, as mentioned in the Strategic Planning 2013-2017 document, “Pioneering the formation of a production and market structure that is consistent with the EU norms, safe, sustainable, environmentally conscious and has an increasing productivity” is setting the role of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology related to market surveillance for the forthcoming period.

Market Surveillance Activities of The Ministry of Science Industry and Technology
Directorate General for Safety and Inspection of Industrial Products is established with the Decree Law No.635 and published in the Official Gazette on 08.06.2011. The main purpose of Directorate General is to provide compliance of the industrial products with technical regulations and safety of the market; to protect the environment, safety of life and property; to prevent unfair competition between businesses and boost the image of Turkish products in export market.

Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology is responsible for market surveillance and inspection of major parts of industrial products such as motor vehicles, electrical equipment, gas appliances, pressure vessels, pressure equipment, lifts, machinery, etc.

Market surveillance activities are being held in the field by the ministry’s staff that were trained on the subject and held the necessary examinations. 

In 2012 a total of 36.361 different products were inspected by our ministry. As a result of these inspections about a 10% of the products were stated as inconvenient. Electrical equipments, textiles and footwear were the products inspected most respectively.

Productivity is Now as Important as Safety
The acceleration of the globlisation movement since the beginning of 1990s brought a lot of advantages but also changed the consumption patterns of societies that increased the consumption of all vital resources, first of all energy, and therefore increased the concern for global climate change. This forced all countries to take measures to use resources more rationally and effectively without putting restrictions on trade. As a result of these measures resource productivity became one of the most important agenda of the world.     

In 2009, EU adopted the Directive 2009/125/EC on eco-design. With this directive not only electric-powered household gadgets but also other products directly or indirectly consuming vital resources like natural gas and water, for example construction materials and even detergents are included in the eco-design regulations.

Productivity is becoming as important as safety with the increasing regulations related to it which are added on the technical regulations that once pointed only safety issues.   

“Market Transformation of Energy Efficient Appliances in Turkey (EVÜ dP)” Project is the first step taken towards the market transformation of products in terms of productivity. When the 4 year long implementation period of the project is taken into account the success of the Project depends on the possession of it by all the stakeholders from government agencies to producers and suppliers of goods, from consumers to the press. The effective use of resources and a better country for future generations will be the biggest achievements of EVÜ dP.  

Import Inspectıons as a Part of Market Surveillance Activities
Increasing number of products supplied in the market has positive affects some of which are increasing competitiveness, price diversity, quality and number of differentiated products where as it brings about some important problems.

Products not complying with the criteria and standards set by the regulations may involve potential risks for human health, life and environment. In order to avoid these risks all products must be produced in accordance with the technical regulations and standards, tested and examined, documented and labelled.     

In Turkey the imported products are inspected in the customs with respect to the regulations prepared by the Ministry of Economy and in the domestic market all goods are inspected whether they are imported or not. 

The inspections performed on imports and domestic market is a strong market tool which disciplines the market, increases exports by making domestic products more competitive in international markets, decreases imports and therefore current account deficits by preventing insecure goods entering the market. Market surveillance’s feature of being a market tool will be highlighted and used effectively by all countries for their own benefits during the next years.